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Rolling Delights: Discovering Southwest Gwinnett’s Food Truck Scene

Our local food truck scene serves up a vibrant mix of cuisine and adventure. From local festivals and coworking spaces to breweries and private events, they’re like a good friend—always there when you need them.

Sure, they’re convenient, but the drive and passion of the people behind the plates make them magnetic.

Here are a few fan-favorite trucks to find when they’re in your area.

Bussin Jerk ATL: bringing Jamaican flavors to Georgia

Kitty and Marlon Broady learned the culinary trade in their family’s restaurant in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Under their mother’s guidance, they honed skills in food preparation, customer service and community relationships.

The siblings found their way to Atlanta, where Marlon met his wife, Sydonnie, also from Jamaica. Together, the trio launched Bussin Jerk ATL, a food truck blending Jamaican culinary traditions with Atlanta’s vibrant food scene.

Named in honor of their father, Bussin Jerk is a tribute to their roots and a continuation of his legacy.

“Our dad passed away a few years ago from cancer,” shared Marlon. “When the three of us begin talking about working together and using our skill sets to open a food truck, Sydonnie came up with the name Bussin Jerk as ‘Bussin’ is something our dad would always say.”

So, how’s the food? Unbelievably good.

Their signature dish, the Jerk Chicken Coco Bread Philly, merges Jamaican and American flavors. It features seasoned jerk chicken, Georgia’s own Vidalia onions, sweet peppers, provolone cheese and Bussin Jerk Sauce on coco bread, a Jamaican staple made with coconut milk.

The trio complement each other’s skills perfectly. Marlon’s experience as a Director of Restaurants for Marriott, Kitty’s background in hospitality, and Sydonnie’s sales expertise make them a customer-service force to be reckoned with.

They’re excellent at remembering the names and faces of customers and have a special knack for connecting with customers without missing a beat on orders.

Their participation in local events underscores their commitment to their craft and the local community. You’ll find Kitty and Sydonnie serving customers at Cultivation Brewing in Norcross, Truck and Tap in Duluth, and many of the local festivals and events in Southwest Gwinnett.

Bussin Jerk ATL
IG: @bussinjerkatl

Manny Sazón stands out in Atlanta’s food truck scene, offering authentic Colombian flavors inspired by the streets of Barranquilla. The food truck is proudly family-owned and operated.

Manny Sazón: a taste of Colombia

“Manny Sazón started as a mix of passion, pandemic pivots and the drive to follow my dreams. Back in Barranquilla, Colombia, I started with a humble hotdog stand. It was there that my passion for Colombian street food truly began,” shared Manny Lasprilla.

“I not only fell in love with the culinary arts and playing with different bold, fresh ingredients, but the stories shared over a simple meal and the sense of community that filled every bite,” he explained.

The truck’s signature dish, the ‘Savage Dog,’ has become a fan favorite. It’s a beef frank overflowing with grilled churrasco, shredded chicken breast, bacon, polish sausage, lettuce, onions, mayo, mustard, salsa rosada, Sazón’s ranch potato straws, cotija cheese and pineapple glaze.

The dish showcases the unique blend of traditional Colombian ingredients in a familiar format.

Maintaining high food quality and cleanliness standards is paramount at Manny Sazón, with every team member being Servsafe certified.

“Upholding food quality on a fast-paced food truck is a priority for us. It’s about meticulous attention to detail and commitment to our craft,” Lasprilla emphasized.

The team is excited about continuing to share their culinary delights at new locations, building on the strong partnerships they’ve established.

“Some of our favorite places to pop up, include Cultivation Brewing and Truck & Tap. These locations have been great partners for us, providing a welcoming, friendly environment with awesome staff and great patrons,” Lasprilla shared.

Through social media and their website, Manny Sazón keeps the community updated on their next pop-up locations, inviting patrons to experience the rich flavors and traditions of Colombian street food.

Manny Sazón
IG: @mannysazonatl

Hapa Kitchen: Hawaiian-style comfort food

Hapa Kitchen, a family-owned and operated venture, is the brainchild of partners Jessica Gorsuch and Sara Siv, whose diverse backgrounds inspire the menu’s eclectic offerings.

With Siv’s Thai and Hawaiian heritage and Gorsuch’s southern upbringing, Hapa Kitchen embodies a culinary exchange that reflects their personal journeys.

The essence of Hapa Kitchen lies in its name—’Hapa’ traditionally meaning ‘to mix.’ This concept of mixing races, cultures, ideas and ingredients is at the heart of their operation.

“Our menu is infused with pieces of our ancestral and familial favorites,” Gorsuch said. From heavy proteins to hand-pickled ingredients, their offerings are a testament to their heritage and the hospitality ingrained in their cultures.

However, bringing authentic flavors to Atlanta’s streets has not been without its challenges. Catering to a wide array of dietary and lifestyle needs while maintaining the integrity of their flavors isn’t easy, but they continue to innovate.

Gorsuch explained, “One of our biggest challenges is creating menu items that not only look and taste amazing but meet the variety of dietary and lifestyle needs of our Atlanta ‘Ohana’ (meaning family in Hawaiian).”

The solution? A commitment to high-quality options for gluten-free, vegan, and keto diets, prepared with knowledge and love.

The heart of Hapa Kitchen’s menu is their plate lunch: a Kalua pork or Huli Huli chicken paired with seasoned furikake rice, fresh pineapple and a secret recipe Mac-Potato salad.

Despite the fast-paced nature of food truck service, Hapa Kitchen stands firm in its commitment to quality. The team dedicates over 20 hours a week to ingredient preparation, ensuring that their offerings are delicious and made with the best local ingredients.

They’ve also leveraged their tech background to streamline ordering and pickup processes, enhancing the overall customer experience.

For those in the Southwest Gwinnett area, Hapa Kitchen is a familiar sight at local events and festivals. In fact, the duo resides in Peachtree Corners. “We truly do love to be a part of locally curated events and festivals,” Gorsuch remarked.

To follow Hapa Kitchen’s journey and discover where they’ll pop up next, check their daily and weekly updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Street Food Finder.

Their story is not just about food; it’s about bringing people together through a shared love of diverse flavors and cultures, making Hapa Kitchen a beloved addition to Atlanta’s culinary scene.

Hapa Kitchen
IG: @hapa.atl

Low-Co Motion: farm-to-table fresh

Since its start, Low-Co Motion has carved a niche in Georgia’s food truck scene with a farm-to-table approach that distinguishes it from the competition.

In 2013, owner Jason Jewett brought his dream of South Carolina Lowcountry cuisine to life. Jewett partners with local organizations such as Tucker Farms in Rome, GA, for produce and a local bakery for gourmet sandwiches.

The truck’s standout dish, the ‘OMG BLT,’ is a new twist on an old classic.

“The sandwich is on toasted sourdough bread with candied bacon, green leaf lettuce and Georgia tomatoes with a roasted garlic aioli,” Jewett said. “I am not sure why anyone would not say ‘OMG.’”

Low-Co Motion serves 26 metro counties, with a particular affinity for the Southwest Gwinnett communities of Norcross, Peachtree Corners, and Duluth. These areas have shown robust support, with Jewett noting, “People come to see me all the time, and they can’t wait for us to come back to the area.”

The food truck has become a staple at local gatherings, including StillFire Brewery events and Fridays in Duluth, where its return is highly anticipated.

In response to growing demand, Low-Co Motion is expanding with a new kitchen in Sandy Springs. This facility will serve as the culinary backbone for the truck’s gourmet sandwiches but will not alter its mission to deliver fresh, high-quality meals on the go.

To stay informed about Low-Co Motion’s whereabouts, Jewett encourages patrons to follow the truck on social media and visit their website for an updated calendar of locations and events.

Low-Co Motion
Facebook: @lowcomotionatl

The Breaded Pig: bringing an Indiana staple to Georgia streets

When it comes to flavorful staples, The Breaded Pig food truck stands out among the competition. Founded on a simple yet profound love for pork chop sandwiches, this mobile eatery brings a slice of Pendleton, Indiana, to the heart of Georgia.

Owner Bradley Payne, who was inspired by memories of savoring this local delicacy “a couple times a month,” saw an opportunity to fill a void in Georgia’s culinary scene.

“I grew up in a small town about 20 miles north of Indianapolis in Pendleton, Indiana, where the breaded pork tenderloin is a staple. I moved to Georgia nine years ago and could not find anything like it here,” Payne explained.

This longing for a taste of home was the catalyst for The Breaded Pig, whose menu now boasts six different fried pork chop sandwiches, each with its own unique flair.

The journey from concept to creation was fueled by a blend of nostalgia and innovation. “[There was] a lot of tasting, testing, trying different spice blends and breading mixes to come to the perfect blend,” Payne recounted.

The most challenging aspect, however, was finding and outfitting the truck.

Central to the food truck’s identity is its connection to the Southwest Gwinnett community, particularly in Duluth and Suwanee.

“Duluth and Suwanee have great communities of people. We always enjoy doing breweries and being a part of neighborhood events in those two areas,” Payne shared.

This sentiment is not just about business; it’s about being part of a community that appreciates and supports local flavors and entrepreneurs.

For newcomers, the original fried pork chop sandwich comes highly recommended.

“’Which’ is the most popular for first timers. From there, they are hooked for the ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ sandwich and are ready to try one of the other creations,” Payne explained. The truck also offers excellent pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce if breading isn’t your thing.

Sourcing ingredients locally is a priority, with all pork coming from a north Georgia farm and spice blends crafted from original recipes. “One of my passions is creating homemade and unique flavors,” Payne noted, emphasizing a commitment to quality and community.

The Breaded Pig is eyeing expansion, with plans for another truck and a move into the Tampa, Florida, area. But for now, the focus remains on serving and engaging with the Southwest Gwinnett community.

For those eager to track down The Breaded Pig and indulge in its offerings, follow their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You’ll find daily updates on locations and menus, ensuring you don’t miss out on this local gem.

The Breaded Pig
Facebook: @Thebreadedpig

Where to find the food trucks

Festivals and breweries are consistent spots to explore food trucks. This year, the Peachtree Corners Festival, a staple event since 2011, will exclusively feature food trucks as dining options.

Dave Huffman

This decision was led by Dave Huffman, who has been at the helm for over a decade. Huffman keeps his finger on the pulse of fan favorites.

“One of the crowd’s favorite food trucks over the years has been Cousins Maine Lobster with their lobster rolls,” Huffman shared. “PONKO Chicken, Gyro Chef Mediterranean and Chew on Cuan were popular last year and hopefully will be back with us.”

The festival is set for Sept. 21 through 22, 2024, at the Peachtree Corners Town Green. It will continue its tradition of showcasing arts, crafts and booths. Over 120 vendors are expected as well.

The beauty of food trucks at a festival is the variety of choices and the ability to create your own delicious spread by visiting multiple trucks for grab-and-go meals.

Cultivation Brewery in Norcross has a rotating list of food trucks every week, making each visit an adventure. Several of the food trucks outlined in this article are regulars at Cultivation.

Coworking spaces and large office buildings are also hot spots for weekday food trucks. It’s a perk for employees to have options close to the office. It also helps break up a long workday.

Atlanta Tech Park has been utilizing food trucks to enrich community events and tenant experiences during the summer months. Maddie Dufresne, office manager and event coordinator, shared, “We incorporate food trucks during our summer cookouts in June and July, where we facilitate an ice cream truck, My Favorite Ice Cream Truck, to visit our members!”

Atlanta Tech Park

This convenient approach fosters a sense of community and engagement among members and guests.

A stand-out, unique and supportive approach to food trucks is a venture known as Truck & Tap.

With several locations, Truck & Tap inDuluth has quickly become a landing pad for the food truck scene in Southwest Gwinnett.

The concept blends a diverse array of rotating food trucks with a wide selection of craft beers and spirits. A new food truck each visit offers a new experience every time.

Cassidy Gustafsson, director of marketing at Truck & Tap, shared, “The establishment was conceived with the vision of becoming a neighborhood bar that meticulously selects not only its food truck rotation but also its offerings of beer, spirits and music.”

The selection process for food trucks at Truck & Tap is thoughtful and comprehensive, focusing on cuisine, service, menu, pricing and cleanliness.

Gustafsson elaborates, “Selection is based on what we believe Truck & Tap’s customers would like to see.”

Truck & Tap’s impact on the community is significant, as it participates in downtown Duluth festivals and hosts events like the Christmas ‘Pop Up Bar,’ which have become central to fostering community spirit.

Gustafsson adds, “Food Trucks are integral to the Truck & Tap concept and the Duluth community. We are honored to have the job of delivering a highly curated rotation of food trucks to Main Street in Duluth, South Perry Street in Lawrenceville and soon, College Ave in Norcross.”

The pending Norcross location will be housed in a new building erected on the corner of Lillian Webb Park. To stay updated on the latest locations, menus and events of these culinary innovators will be at, follow their journeys on social media. By supporting these local food trucks, you’re not just indulging in a meal; you’re partaking in a community-wide celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Southwest Gwinnett.

Featured photo caption: Truck and Tap

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Kristen Corley is an Atlanta native with over a decade of experience in content creation. She lives in Historic Norcross with her family and writes "Young Norcross," a weekly newsletter that focuses on building community and local engagement.

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