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Why Duluth’s Glenn Sarver Devotes His Life to Helping Others Succeed

Glenn Sarver is an active dual sport rider // photos courtesy of Glenn Sarver and Glenn Boylan

Whether helping small businesses with his firm GSRC Consulting or helping grow the sport of dual sport motorcycling riding through a nonprofit he founded, Glenn Sarver says he always tries “to go above and beyond.”

His work with Georgia Dual Sport, including organizing numerous rides in and around the state, has earned him recognition as a national Volunteer of the Year from the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

Just part of growing up

Volunteering and helping others have always been a part of Sarver’s life.

“My mom has always volunteered,” he said. “And so, to help others succeed has been my passion.” (His mom has also been named a Volunteer of the Year for the state of South Carolina.)

He’s used the example his mom set in all aspects of his life. Sarver understands what people can go through when they’re starting something new or challenging.

“People don’t know what they don’t know,” he said, “and so I try to be somebody that can give good information. That’s my way of helping others succeed, offering solutions to people’s problems.”

Long time motorcycle fan

Sarver started riding street bikes in his spare time. He owned a few of them, but “life got a hold of me,” he said. Family and career took priority, and he sold the motorcycles.

About 12 years ago, he wanted to return to riding, but not on the street. He bought himself a dual sport motorcycle.

Dual sport bikes are motorcycles licensed for street use but also equipped for riding off-road. Most dual sport rides incorporate a little bit of riding on paved roads and a lot of riding on trails or dirt. 

Sarver was at a motorcycle shop, and the mechanic told him that a community of dual sport riders was out there.

Sarver was immediately interested in joining. He got the names and numbers of some of the folks involved and started riding with them. It was a significant moment for him. He still talks about the ride he took with them to Maggie Valley.

Expanding the community

He created Georgia Dual Sport Riders ( to help others find the community.

“I created that to help others understand what else is out there,” he explained. “If you like riding street, here’s street stuff. If you like riding dirt, here’s dirt stuff.”

The site includes information on rides in and around Georgia.

Sarver also tries to build the community in ways other than just publicizing rides. He knows how important safety and security are to motorcycle riders, so he emphasizes them whenever possible.

He reminds riders to know their skill level, not override it and ensure they invest in the proper safety equipment.

Ride organizer

Sarver doesn’t just promote rides; he organizes them. The Scull Shoals ride (which Sarver named after he watched a Georgia Public Television documentary about the nearby Scull Shoals Village historic site) in Greene County, Georgia, is hugely popular with riders.

Sarver, Steve Williams, and a handful of other volunteers coordinated a ride in February that attracted almost 100 riders from nine different states, riding KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Kawasaki and other motorcycles.

In keeping with Sarver’s desire to go above and beyond, he tries to improve how the rides are done and shares vital information with other ride organizers.

Duluth’s Glenn Sarver was named an AMA Volunteer of the Year // photos courtesy of Glenn Sarver and Glenn Boylan

Sharing resources

Sarver has used the Scull Shoals ride to improve the “roll chart” printed directions for the riders. For those riders that use GPS, he started distributing the necessary data files for free, whereas many other rides charge for them.

Scull Shoals was an early implementer of online registration as well. Many other rides still require riders to mail in a check.

Sarver’s goal to help others succeed is a driving force behind him sharing what he learns with other ride organizers all around the country.

“I’m actually on phone communication with them dozens of times a year,” he said, “helping them with what we’re doing and telling them what’s going on.”

His willingness to help others is a big reason for his AMA Volunteer of the Year award.

AMA member Marvin Grant said that “[Sarver] has helped the off-road community immensely with his time and effort through the years promoting and helping promote numerous rides throughout the Southeast, such as the Skull Shoals Dual Sport, Broxton Bridge Dual Sport and Armenia Dual Sport, working on hanging arrows, helping at registration and generally doing anything asked of him.”

All In a day’s work

If that sounds like a lot of work, it is. But that’s just a typical day for Sarver. His assistant at GSRC Consulting, Dee Davis, said, “He really is not happy unless he has 12 projects going.”

Davis discussed the time Sarver was remodeling his own house, refurbishing a rental home, organizing a motorcycle ride and then, right during tax season, he broke his arm. Despite all that, she said, “We did not miss one deadline.”

Whether talking to a new dual sport rider about safety equipment or with a business owner tackling taxes and accounting, Sarver always takes the necessary time to help them. “I get joy out of spending time with people,” Sarver said, “to help them move forward and hopefully one day become successful.”

Featured photo caption: Glenn Sarver is an active dual sport rider // photos courtesy of Glenn Sarver and Glenn Boylan

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Glenn is a freelance writer living in Gwinnett County. He writes about a broad range of subjects, including business, music, sports, and nonprofits. His work has been published in magazines and websites nationwide.

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